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Breve descrizione di Trevi

Trevi is a beautiful medieval village that is located in an ideal position to visit Umbria. It is 30 km from Assisi, 50 km from Perugia, 18 km from Bevagna, 20 km from Spoleto, 12 km from Foligno, 9 km from Montefalco. Trevi is a country rich in history: Pliny the Elder makes a classification that Trevi was a city of the Umbrians, then it was the strong Roman presence, especially in the imperial age, and then the Lombards.
Trevi’s oil city, and it is likely, in Umbria, the most important city linked to this typical product. In the historical center is the “Museum of the Olive civilization” where you can take a trip on the historical and cultural traditions of Umbria related to this product typical universal. For those who love art, in addition to numerous churches (the cathedral of S.Emiliano, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria di Pietrarossa, the museum complex of San Francesco di Trevi) is a museum of contemporary art in the former palace Lucarini, in front of the Duomo. For theater lovers in Trevi you can admire one of the most beautiful theaters in the region: the theater “Clitunno” built in 1875 The “Clitunno” hosts a season of plays of contemporary theater, offering the city and shows viewers the highest level . In addition to the prose season there are many musical events, book presentations and conferences. In the old town there is also a beautiful villa built in ‘500 with a wonderful garden; Villa Fabri, owned by the town of Trevi from 2ooo, recently affiliated to the European Network of Gardens (European Heritage Gardens Network) has become the seat of the regional network Ville.